Currently this section includes articles on walling and related subjects which I have had published, and a list of (some of) the books in my collection. I dream that one day each of these will include a review. 
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In 1996 I carried out a major rewrite of BTCV`s "Dry Stone Walling". I revamped the technical and safety sections, adding  additional technical chapters.
Unfortunately this is no longer available free online.

I have also produced two booklets for the North Wales Branch of the Dry Stone Walling Association

with separate bilingual specification  

Paper copies are available from the Branch
There are Welsh language pdf versions of  both clawdd and stonework
Not all listed articles are currently available. I am updating everything to .pdf. Early articles will be changed from web pages to pdf in due course.  Clicking on the article title opens the pdf in this window, your browser's back arrow will re-instate this page. Clicking on the index number will open the specific pdf in a separate window where you can scroll through and download the articles'
Available Articles
 1. Masterclass - Foundations part 1 March 1994
 2. Masterclass - Foundations part 2 June 1994 
 3.  Masterclass - Foundations part 3 September 1994 
 4. Masterclass - Principles December 1994
 5. Masterclass - Slate walling(1). March 1995 
 6. Masterclass - Slate walling(2). June 1995 
 7. Masterclass - Cloddiau. July 1996 
 8. Masterclass - Tracing. Winter 2006/7 
9.Masterclass - Throughstones. Summer 2007 
10.Masterclass - Coping1. Autumn 2007 
11.Masterclass - Coping2. Winter 2008
12.Masterclass - Assessing Stonework. Summer 2008
13. Masterclass - Arcane Walling. Autumn 2008
14.Masterclass - Random Walling 1. Winter 2008/9
15.Masterclass - Random Walling 2. Summer 2009
16.Masterclass - Random Walling 3. Autumn 2009
17.Masterclass - Settling-The Argument. Winter 2009/10
18.Masterclass - Corbelling part 1: Theory. Summer 2010
19.Masterclass - Corbelling part 2 Autumn 2010
20.Masterclass - Corbelling part 3: Roofs Spring 2011
21.Masterclass - Hearting Autumn 2011
22.Masterclass - Planning part 1 Summer 2012
23.Masterclass - Planning part 2 Winter 2012/13
24.Masterclass - Planning part 3 Spring 2013
25.Masterclass - Planning part 4 Summer 2013
26.Masterclass - Planning part 5 Spring 2016
27.Masterclass - Fat Tony and the art of coursing -part 1 Autumn 2017
28.Masterclass - Fat Tony and the art of coursing -part 2 Spring 2018
29.Masterclass - Fat Tony -part3: Mind the gap Spring 2021
Craig Arbennigolrbennigol
"Waller and Dyker"
 1.Curves. Professional Column. Spring 2009
 2.Ends part 1. Professional Column. Summer 2009
 3.Ends part 2. Professional Column. Winter 2009/10
 4.Passageways. Professional Column. Spring 2010
 5.Corners. Professional Column. Summer 2010
 6.Pillars. Professional Column. Winter 2010/11
 7.Line & Batter part 1. Professional Column. Spring 2011
 8.Line & Batter part 2. Professional Column. Summer 2011
 9.Line & Batter part 3:Frames. Professional Column. Winter 2011/12
10.Line & Batter part 4:Lines Professional Column. Spring 2012
11.Line & Batter part 5:More Lines Professional Column. Summer 2012

Published at Dry Stone Resource
12.Line & Batter part2b. A bit of Batter
Manual Handling.
Settlement. Revamped as Masterclass: Settling - The Argument (above)
BELOW ARE more, usually, NON TECHNICAL articles split into categories
Britain and Ireland's Walling Treasures
Wall Patterns
North Wales Slate and Slate Quarry Walls
Stone Places and Things
Walls in the Landscape and Conservation
If not indicated as (pdf) article is available as web page only. AT THE MOMENT CLICKING ON PDF MAY CAUSE PAGE ERROR COPYING RIGHT CLICKING ON THE LINK AND OPENING IN A NEW WINDOW SHOULD WORK.  Some of the pdfs are photocopies rather than text.  I hope to add text only versions of these... eventually.
A series of articles appearing primarily in Waller and Dyker, looking at the best of the Stonework on the British Isles as featured in the associated Walling Treasures website
Redrawing Patterns. Stonechat, 29.  Summer 2013
A revised look at some of the patterns introduced in the Patterns article below, looking at Butt and Hudd and a detailed look at the sloping stonework of Purbeck and elsewhere
Redrawing Patterns. Waller & Dyker. Spring 2013
Abbreviated version of article above looking only at the Butt and Hudd wall pattern, .  
1.  The Balmoral Cairns. (pdf)  Stonechat, 23, Spring 2011
A number of ornate cairns were built on the Balmoral estate during the reign of Queen Vicotria commemorating purchases, births deaths and marriages.
2.  The stiles of Askrigg.  (pdf)  Stonechat, 18.   Summer 2009 
A brief look at the ornate stiles arund the village of skrigg in the Yorkshire Dales.  A more detailed article can be found under "Stone  Places and Things" 
3.   North Wales Slate Industry.  (pdf) Waller and Dyker,  Summer 2009
An overview of the primarily 19th Century gargantuan dry stone structures left behind by the North Wales Slate Industry.  Several related articles can be found under North Wales Slate and Slate Quarry Walls.
4.  Sceilig Mhichíl - Skellig Michael.   (pdf) Stonechat 17,  Winter 2009 
The 7th Century Monastery on Skellig Michael a  tiny island off the south west coast of Eire is a World Heritage Site, what's more its dry stone built.  What's there and its history. 
Britain and Irelands walling Treasures Pinnacle part 1
Britain and Irelands walling Treasures Pinnacle part 2
Britain and Irelands walling Treasures Pinnacle part 3
6. Irish Stoneforts part 1  (pdf) The 'Western Stone Forts' of Eire are on the World Heritage Status Tentative list.  The first of a series of 3 articles looks at the main features of these structures, via Staigue, Loher, Caher Mor, Caher Gael and Graianán of Aileach.
7. Irish Stoneforts part 2  (pdf) An introduction to the Aran Stone forts with particular reference to the Inis Mór ringforts of Dún Eochla and Dún Eoghanacta.  More on steps/stairways and the Victorians. 
8. Irish Stoneforts part 3  (pdf) More on the Aran islands with Inis Mór's more famous promontory stone forts of Dún Aenghus and Dún Dúchatair.  History and features including chevaux de frise.

A Consuming Passion Part 1 A look at Consumption Walls (and the occassional bridge)- mostly in the Lake District and specifically Wasdale Head wller and dyker Spring 2020
A Consuming Passion Part 2 A look at Consumption Walls (and the occassional bridge)- mostly in Aberdeenshire and specifically KIngswells East Dyke and Rough's Cairn wller and dyker Summer 2020
A Consuming Passion Part 3 A look at Consumption Walls

WALL PATTERNS  3 separate articles on wall patterns can be found in Walling Treasures
5. Clawdd Cuckoo Land.  (pdf).  Stonechat 27,  Winter 2012/13
A look at the building of a demonstration Clawdd at Dry Stone Walling Across Canada's, 2012 Thanksgiving stone festival. Including thoughts/techniques on such structures in cold climates.
4.  Polygonal Masonry. Stonechat, Summer 2008
A look at poygonal masonry with specific reference to the Incas and to Mallorca.
3.  Cornish Hedges - A different slant.  Waller and Dyker, Spring 2004
A look at the possible reasons for concave batters and their function. 
2.   Controversy of the cloddiau.  Natural Stone Specialist , January 2002
Was the pattern used on 20 miles of new clawdd along the A55 the right one?  2
1.  Cloddiau.  Stonechat, July 1996 
A basic look at cloddiau, mainly differing patterns.  

There is another article under Walling Treasures or to go directly to the article pdf...  North Wales Slate Industry.

6. Slate and Water. (pdf)
A look at the role of water in the slate quarries and some of the structures built to harness its power. Written for Vermont Stonetrust Newletter n
6. Slatelandia Revisted. (pdf) Stonexus XVI 2018
Additional photos from Prince of Wales Quarry and a small amount of text by Tomas Lipps from my notes
5. Slatelandia. (pdf) Stonexus , XV, 2017
A revampeded and re-illustrated version of "From the pyramids..." (below)
4.  Wonder walls: the extraordinary walls of the North Wales slate industry.  (pdf) Network News, April 2013
Unique structures are left to decay, others of national, even international, importance are bull-dozed.  Is anything being done to protect these industrial treasures? 
3. NorthWales Quarry Buildings.  (pdf) Stonechat 21, Summer 2010
A brief look at some of the dry stone buildings found in the quarries walia, blast shelters,  wheelhouses and a garderobe.
2.  From the The Wailing Wall to the Pyramids: An Overview of the Dry Stone Structures of the North Wales Slate Industry.  (pdf)  In Dry Stone Walls as Part of the Cultural Landscape.  Proceedings of the 12th International Dry Stone Wall Congress 2010.  DSWA. 2010.
How the North Wales Industry has affected the landscape in terms of communities and walls, the megalithic dry stone structures it has left behind and how this heritage is largely unknown and neglected.
1. Deconstructing (Slating?) a myth  (pdf) Stonechat, Autumn 2008
Contrary to popular myth N.Wales IS NOT full of slate walls! 

3 articles on the Irish Stoneforts and one on Balmoral Cairns, can be found under Walling Treasures.


13. Pilgrimage.  (pdf)  Waller & Dyker,   Summer 2014
Very slightly amended version with different pics of Network News article immediately below.  A more detailed article about the seventh century dry stone monastery can be found above under  Walling Treasures

12. Pilgrimage.  (pdf)  Network News
A brief yet epic visit to the 7th Century dry stone monastery comples of Skellig Michael, a world heritage site, off the sout west coast of Eire.  A more detailed article about the seventh century dry stone monastery can be found above under  Walling Treasures

11. Gathering Stones in June.  Waller & Dyker, Summer 2013
The start of a DSWA Ireland project at Lough na Boora parklands Sculpture park conceived as part of the 2013 Year of the Gathering.  This is an edited version of the submitted article, the full unpublished version can be found here (downloadable from here),and is a reworking of the web pages noted below. 
10. Gathering of Stones.  Published on DSWA North Wales Branch website Summer 2013  and W&D
A detailed description of the commencement of a DSWA Ireland project and the North Welsh contribution.  Located in the Lough Boora Parklands Sculpture Park, and commemorating the 2013 Year of the Gathering.
9. Espai Paret Seca (with Frederique Mahieu).  (pdf)   Stonechat 28, Spring 2013
A description of Menorcan walling through the "Dry Stone Space" helped by its creator Frederique Mahieu
8. Potato Houses.  (pdf) Stonechat, 26. Summer 2012
Dry stone root cellars and vegetable clamps (dry storage) in Britain and North America. 
7. Stone Fox Traps.  (pdf) Stonechat 25,  Autumn 2011
Bields, Wolwehok, Qiggiraq.  Dry stone shelters and fox traps in the Lake District, and more exotic hyena traps in Africa and Inuit structures in Canada.
6. Kielder Wave Chamber.  (pdf) Stonechat 22, Autumn 2010
The building of Chris Drury's dry stone camera obscura on the lakeside in Kielder forest.
5. Turkish Delight for Valentines Day. (pdf) Stonechat 20, Spring 2010
Roman Ruins and Lycian rock cut tombs.  The ancient stone structures of Perge, Aspendos, Side, Myra and Termessos.
Malta: The Limestone Experience . Waller & Dyker, Spring & Summer 2008
2 articles combined here, looking at The Limestone Heritage Centre on Malta, and the oldest existing stone temple & others
Shibden. Stonechat , Summer 2007
The Yorkshire Dry Stone Walling Exhibit, Shibden, Halifax,
Tigh Dubh - Blackhouse. Stonechat, Winter 2007
Scottish Blackhouses, with particular reference to Harris & Lewis, and Neil Rippingale`s Pinnacle Award winning Blackhouse at Scaristovore.  
Askrigg - A Place with a certain `stile`  Waller and Dyker , ???????
An exploration of the Stiles around he village of Askrigg, Wensleydale, Yorkshire Dales. Originally 2 parts.

3.  A sermon in stone  (pdf) Network News , July 2012
A look at the role of dry stone walls with particular reference to North Wales landscape and Training.
2. Living Walls of Stone. Caernarfon Herald , 8th November 2007
A look at the wildlife value of walls in the Grass Roots column of the newspaper (Also Bangor & Anglesey Mail same week).
1.  Why Conserve Walls? Stonechat , July 1996
A look at the wildlife and landscape importance of walls.

7.  Gualala:Grating and Creating:Thoughts on the Art of Collaboration (part 2). (pdf).  Stonechat , Spring 2018    
A further look at Pete Mullins' Mendocino Stone Zone, some of the projects he has commissioned and some of the processes involved in their design and execution
6.  Gualala:Grating and Creating:Thoughts on the Art of Collaboration (part 1). (pdf).  Stonechat , Autumn 2017    
A look at Pete Mullins' Mendocino Stone Zone, some of the projects he has commissioned and some of the processes involved in their design and execution
5.  Stone Art Wallin' and Waffen. (pdf).   Thinking with My Hands, 2 April 2014
Is criticising artisitic stonework for being technically incorrect intolerant and missing the point?
4.   On Art and Collaboration.  (pdf).  Thinking with My Hands, 1 April 2014 
What makes stonework art? Plus some thoughts on John Shaw Rimmington's California Wing Wall Project.
3.   Beautiful, But How Long Will They Last? (pdf).    DailyPost, 6 January 2011
A criticism of standards and styles of new roadside walls in North West Wales  
2.  De-facing Reality. Stonechat , July 1996
Does the rationale behind the Clwyd Rockwall system, (being used to replace walls along the A5), make sense? 
1.  Killing a craft.  Stonechat , June 1995 
Is Government policy in danger of killing off drystone walling on farms ?

Article for SNPS

2. Griffith Griffith Revisited. (pdf)  Stonechat, no.28, Spring 2013
A follow up to Douglas Brown's article (Stonechat 27) on quarryman Griffith Griffith who started in Penrhyn Bethesda and founded Californias Penryn. looking at his rivalry with JSEmery and visits to San Francisco's Fort Point and Old Treasury,which used Griffith's stone.

1.  California Dreaming.   (pdf)   

Mostof the masterclass articles have ben reproduced by The Stone Trust in newsletters or on their website blog

Throughstones has been slightly edited ad re-illustrated by DSWA Australia in their newsletter "Flagstone"  January 2021 

TECHNICAL ARTICLES (as Sean Adcock and Craig Arbennigol)
Available Articles