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See www.wallingwonderland.info for my ongoing 'Walling Treasures Project' identifying the very best of Britain and Ireland's dry stone heritage

See Mark Jurus' http://drystoneresource.blogspot.co.uk/p/index.html for most of my technical articles... Masterclasses from "Stonechat" and Professional Columns from "Waller and Dyker" (under the pen-name Craig Arbennigol).  These articles are now available in the Books section

See www.dswales.org.uk for the magazine "Stonechat" which I edit
"Taking Sean's workshop improved my skill and efficiency at walling, and the instruction was detailed, specific, and thorough.  I can recommend Sean an instructor for all levels of walling.  I really appreciated his enthusiasm and obvious love for the craft and stonework in general." 
Franklin Smith, North Carolina.  Stone Foundation Dry Stone Workshop, Asheville, NC. September 2012

"The workshop that I took with Sean in the summer of 2012 was great!  There were five of us participating with varying degrees of experience in stonework, but everyone came away with helpful ways to improve their abilities.  For me, his workshop helped with my speed of laying a wall (much faster) with no loss of beauty or structural integrity. His attention to detail and humor made the process really enjoyable for everyone involved.  You could feel his passion for walling and came away excited for the next opportunity to practice all the new skills learned from the workshop.
I would recommend his workshop to anyone excited about stones, he is a great teacher!"  
Matt Smith, North Carolina.  Stone Foundation Dry Stone Workshop, Asheville, NC. September 2012
The workshop I took on building a Clawdd wall was thorough and well worth the money and time spent. My skills improved over the three days thanks to Sean's feedback and advice. Sean's passion and knowledge for his craft come through in his teaching and you cannot help but learn and improve from working with him. I highly recommend taking a workshop with a true master of the craft like Sean.
Andre Lemieux, Montreal, 2012
Welsh versions of Stonework (Gwaith Cerrig)and Clawdd Construction (Codi Cloddiau)  available at www.dswales.org.uk/publications
A4 BIlingual clawdd specification (from Clawdd construction) click here
I have City and Guilds Qualifications in Coaching and Assessment and around 20 years of instructing behind me. In the UK I began instructng for BTCV (now The Conservation Volunteers), National Trust and ATB Landbase (now LANTRA). Currently most of my training in the UK is for DSWA North Wales Branch, for whom I do just the occasional taster day and/or clawdd courses. Most recently I have instructed on various week long and weekend workshops in North America (about 30 days 2011-13, and a 3 week "masterclass" at Opus 40 in 2016) for the Stone Foundation (in California, North Carolina and New York State), Dry Stone Walling Across Canada (Montreal) and Ash Stone Masonry (Oregon). I run both dry stone and clawdd courses (in 2015 this included a week in Austria), and the occasional single wall seminar (in North Wales). I also instruct on courses geared towards candiadates achieving DSWA Craftsman Certification (both UK and USA)


I have given talks to various groups across he UK... from Branches of the DSWA to Farming and Wildlife Groups and Historical Societies, and to the general public.  I have spoken at around a dozen Conferences, Symposia and Courses in UK, Europe, Canada and USA.

I am able to give presentations on a variety of aspects of the craft and can usually come up with something new to order!

Examples include

Inscriptions Upon the Landscape
An overview of my 'Walling Wonderland' project looking at the best dry stone features found in UK and Ireland

From the Wailing Wall to the Pyramids
How the North Wales Industry has affected the landscape in terms of communities and walls, the megalithic dry stone structures it has left behind and how this heritage is largely unknown and neglected.

Realising a Dream
Situated near Woodstock in Upstate New York, Opus 40 is on the US National Register of Historic Places.  Recognised as one of the first pieces of 20th Century Land Art the 4 acres of dry stone terraces, steps, ramps, passageways and pools was built between 1938-76 by one man, Harvey Fite.  In 2011, following Hurricanes Irene and Sandy a 16 feet tall section of terrace collapsed.  This is the story of the man, a site and an epic restoration.

Clawdd Construction                            
A look at various types of stone faced earth banks and the construction of the pitched stone Cloddiau of North Wales

Irish Forts and Beehive huts
Eire is awash with ancient dry stone structures, most notable the Western Stone Forts typified by those found on the Aran Islands and beehive structures such as those of the 7th Century Monastery on Skellig Michael, a World Heritage Site.

A Welshman in  North America
A look at some of the projects I have been involved in In USA  and Canada

Dry Stone Sean
Some of my work in Wales, North America and the UK

In 1996 I carried out a major rewrite of BTCV`s "Dry Stone Walling". I revamped the technical and safety sections, adding additional technical chapters.
Unfortunately this is no longer available free online.

I have also produced two booklets for the North Wales Branch of the Dry Stone Walling Association... "Stonework" and "Clawdd Construction"

I have produced a range of articles both general and technical under my own name and the pen-name Craig Arbennigol.  These are available as downloadable pdfs in the Books section of this site