In 1990 there was a boom in walling work on the National Trust`s Ysbyty Ifan Estate and I formed a team to take on some of the work (they continued working during my winter absences). The non-walling contracts have slowly declined over the years and my work is now almost exclusively stonework of one form or another.  Until 2011 the bulk of my work was on farms, with the cessation of most farm grant schemes nowadays I work mostly for private landowners and householders.
In 1993 I successfully completed the Dry Stone Walling Association`s Master Craftsman Certificate.
I also have City and Guilds qualifications in Training and Assessment and over the years have instructed on numerous British Trust for Conservation Volunteers, National Trust and Lantra/ATB training courses in both Dry Stone Wall and Clawdd construction.
I have judged at a number of walling competitions including the first (known) Clawdd Construction Competition at the Sarn Ploughing Match in 2002 (right). Although generally I compete rather than judge.
From 1993-1998 I was Publicity Officer for the North Wales Branch of the Dry Stone Walling Association. I launched, produced (and was the main contributor for) the Branch magazine "Stonechat", represented the Branch at numerous events and appeared on Welsh National TV and Radio, and had various articles published in magazines and the local press. I also researched and wrote the technical leaflet "Specifications for Traditional Welsh Cloddiau" for the DSWA.   In 2012 I wrote the booklets "Stonework" and "Clawdd Construction" for the North Wales Branch.  IN 200x I became Secretary of the North Wales Branch of the DSWA, and in 2011 I was elected to the Trustee board of DSWA of GB. 

Since 2010 I have made a number of trips to USA and Canada where I have led a number of workshops and spoken at symposia and other events.  Workshops and talks have been for  for the Stone Foundation, Dry Stone Walling Across Canada, and Ash Stonemasonry
In 1998 I was contracted by the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers to update "Dry Stone Walling: A Practical Guide". I spent most of the summer travelling around Britain looking at walls. With the help of Liz Agate I rewrote the technical sections of the book and added some new chapters.   The book is generally regarded as the leading echnical guide to the craft.  Sadly it is not currently available electronically but can be purchased from DSWA of GB
I also have a Diploma in Mathematics degree from the Open University.
Before walling