Update (2009) has created a Photos page, added several articles, updated competitions
Update (26.4.09)has added lots of articles in the book section, a couple of book reviews, updated competitons under Sean, and fixed a few broken links in Standards, and added links to cloddiau.
Update (26.3.08) created 4 sections under features, with photos but no text. Has also added 2 articles to articles section of books.
Update (16.11.07) added considerably to the articles section of Books. Also added 2 book reviews and updated Sean - competitions
Update (31.05.05) has added some photos to walls and revamped books, and added a new section to Catesby House under work.
>Update(15.10.04)amended work, primarily adding a section on Tyddyn Isaf.
Update (26.10.04) carried out a major amendment of Standards
Home. Fully functioning.
Standards. More or less fully functioning, ...photos to be added.
Includes the technical appendix of a report written for Gwynedd Council Environment Directorate acting as Department's Representative for the Welsh Assembly Government Transport Directorate. With lots of photos.
Work. Not all links in the index are established and within the functioning pages some photos are not yet available and some of those that are, are not of particularly good quality.
Features. There are 4 sections with photos but no text.
Walls.The text is a (very) rough draft version of this section. Many of the photos are now present
Sean.Fully functioning will add more photos in due course.
Photos. Fully functioning. Examples from my "Walling Wonderland" site and link to same. Contact. Fully functioning.
In recent years a training/education has been added, this was updated in April 2017 to include some information on Talks
The bulk of updating in 2016 and 2017 has related to the books page which now has links to all sorts of pdfs on articles I have written... There are issues with browser compatibitity and a few problems wih storage as I attempt to make the articles searchable and to record visits... SORRY!
In 2016 Work pages for projects in Penisarwaun (Gwynedd), Whilton (Norhants), Gualala (California)were added