Whilton, Northants

Renovation of Garden walls and seating area, with creation of barbecue area and niches, for Ben and Lucy Gow.
Original stone was re-used for area to left of barbecue, new stone from the loacal area was used to create the barbecue and area to its right with some original stone used for highlights. Niches were created to break up the monotony of the retaining wall. The seat and access steps to top tier are Indian sandstone slabs. The area in front of the barbecue was paved with reclaimed Portland slas

Top 4 shots are before, with a similar finished view below each. Followed by seat and barbecue details.
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Before 1
Before 2
After 1
After 2
Semi-circular seat
Seat aerial
Barbecue area
Barbecue close up
After 3
After 4
Before 3
Before 4